My Weakness is My Strength.

I don’t think much of anyone likes being vulnerable.
Speaking for myself however, I am quite accustomed to it.

But let me make something clear.
Being gender variant, non-binary, queer 
or even the fact that I was born with a traditional “male” body type
but wear many traditional “female” fashions such as the outfit above…..
none of these things are what make me vulnerable. 

I am vulnerable because I am openly & wholeheartedly myself.

I know that through a simple tumblr post, it might seem as if I make being yourself oh so easy. The truth is that I pay a very high price for my uncompromised freedom of expression.

Everything from my personal safety to the chance at a successful career is compromised by my decision to follow my heart, instead of following the crowd. However, this is really only the beginning of my sacrifice.

As my blog progresses and the number of individuals that are inspired by my personal freedom continues to grow, I must really think about the sacrifices I have had to make and will have to make in order to be so… free.

That is the purpose of this blog post.
To make everyone aware that personal freedom is as much of a blessing as it is a curse.

I will forever and always aspire to inspire the individual in humanity by being an example of a true individual. But I am choosing to also be transparent of the hardships that come along with the great adventures and satisfaction of my personal freedom. I feel it is the right thing to do, for by my mother, my teachers and my idols I was blindly taught to always be myself, but no one cared to mention the cost I would have to pay or the sacrifice I would be required to make.

I do not want to blindly lead the people who look up to me.
I want to inspire a kind of personal freedom that is not only fabulous,
But strong, courageous, truthful & positively life changing.

I worked extra hard on this photo set because I wanted it to catch the attention of all the amazing followers I have out there.
I love and appreciate all of you so much. Your messages and comments are the only thing that saves me from giving up because its easy to give up on myself, but I could never, ever give up on all of you.

-Elliott Alexzander


*gets gay married during the purge*


i love going to fancy restaurants with parents because they force fancy alcohol and food on you and i’m super okay with that  (at The Lark Santa Barbara)